Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Anna and I have been on a spiritual journey for over 50 years.  My journey started when paranormal experiences first began happening to me at the age of 12 and have continued throughout my life.

I was not always open to communication with spirit. When paranormal experiences happened to me at a young age I was often frightened but over time I learned to embrace and let them happen.

Moving forward to the present, I now feel that part of my purpose is to help herald in a new beginning for humanity through sharing Zion’s messages.

Zion is a light being that has been communicating through me since 2016.  At times throughout the day I get a feeling I would like to write.  I pick up a notebook and words start coming into my mind, I write down these words verbatim. When I begin writing the words flow and I put them on paper, I usually have no understanding what the message is until I read it back later on.   I often write in the early hours of the morning between 3am and 5am. I wake from sleep and within a few minutes feel the need to write.  The messages are usually 1 to 2 handwritten pages long, at the end of the message I give thanks and go back to sleep.   I usually remember very little about what was written until I read them back a few hours later or in the morning when I awake.

Initially I found it difficult to believe that it was nothing other than myself making up the words but over time I learned to tell the difference between my mind talking and messages being communicated to me.    The biggest factor in channelling is trust. Until I learned to trust, words would not flow freely. Other things would come into my mind and I would go off in tangents which would disrupt the messages.  When I learned to trust fully messages become clearer and more frequent. 

I don’t post all messages I receive on this page as many are personal.  I post those that are intended to be shared for the greater good.

The above photo is one I believe to be of my guide Zion. One evening while at home I spoke aloud asking if I could see him. Realising the absurdity of what I had just asked I thought no more of it and went to bed.

A few days later I was looking through photos in my phone and come across the above photo.  I pressed on it and saw it was taken at 3:37am on Saturday morning.   That morning I was home alone and asleep at the time.  I do not use any apps on my phone that could have saved this to my phone roll.

This is my journey. These messages are here for the greater good. To help others awaken to the fact they are so much more than the body.  Take from these messages what feels right to you, for your own journey. Nothing is by coincidence; everything happens for a reason. 

It is with much love and gratitude for this opportunity,



I owe a debt of gratitude to The Light House, The House Of Light which has helped me embrace and understand my journey. In particular Rt. Rev. Jennifer Valls who has been key in encouraging me to grow and share my journey.