World Lockdown!

World Lockdown!

We come with the message that the forces are about to infiltrate to a greater degree, every nation, every home, every heart if allowed.  It will come to you in the form of  a world lock down that shall be very severe depending where you live.  Some countries will comply more than others, many will not want to participate but eventually will join in.

The purpose of this lock down which again will be disguised as being for your own good, is to instil fear greater than ever, for through the fear they will control you.  It is during this time that they will carry military missions, cause havoc in both air and land that will generate many anomalies.  The earth shall shake and cause many tidal waves also.  The air shall become heavily polluted in parts.  This you will see is all by design.

So, we ask souls everywhere to awaken, to listen, observe of the world outside their perception.  Ask your heart if what is truly happening of a high vibration.

It is with sadness that we do not see enough of the right people in your governments to stand against the tyranny.   It will happen, but not until this event occurs and people truly awaken.  We must also say that there are many of the light out there scattered across  the globe fighting for all.  But many, many more are needed.

We ask that when this event occurs to remember what has been relayed and do not fear.  Do not give the dark what they want. The extreme elite in your nations have much to answer for and their day of judgment shall come.

You may say what can someone like I do, and we say that you can do so much.  Knowledge yourself of events, facts that are presented so as to seek the truth.  Strive to be the best version of self through right intention, right actions and right words that are always of the highest that you may understand and never to hurt another in any form. Then strive to respect the self so that you may know what it is to respect another, always coming from the heart so that you do not do to others what you don’t want for self.  This is simple if you come from a place of love.

We also say prepare for this event by acquiring what you need for self and family if you have, for you may be forced to not leave your home for any reason.  Remembering also that utilities will also be affected.

To be forewarned is to be armoured.  Stand for the light for the force of it is greater and mightier than the dark and is the only way to a better world.  Once enough awaken and they shall after this event it will be unstoppable.

It is with much love and light of the highest that this is given.

All is well, all is well, all is as it should be.

Stand for your convictions

Stand for your convictions



Good afternoon dear ones. It is of love for the world is in so desperate need with all that is going on and all that is being revealed.  Times ahead will be challenging to say the least.  Not only to accept the truth of what reality really is, but also the challenge of facing and accepting the old breaking down.  Life as you have known it will change in every aspect.   With time as you know it, it will be for the better. But humanity needs to know it will take persistence, integrity and fore

sight to build a new world.  There will be times that so many will just give up.  We are counting on the true warriors who came for this special mission.  Some are yet to be born, but never the less their purpose will be the same, to create a new world, a new earth.

This breakdown of society that is going on shall continue.  The dark will endeavour nothing less.  We foresee great challenges for the remaining of the year, as humanity is being pushed into a corner.  This is when the true warriors will lead and others shall follow to not comply to the controlling ways of a few that believe they have the right to what occurs and what will not.  They shall fall as will corrupt governments and institutions of the world.  So do not despair but rather stand for your convictions and see this through and you will see the fruits of your actions.

Continue to be the best version of self, lead by example and refrain from thinking and being that you are better than others, for you/we are all one. Your colour, your religion, your values/morals do not truly define whom you are, as do your actions and words that speak through the heart.

It is with much love and light that we say, all is well, all is well, all is as it should be.

Challenging Times

Challenging Times

Dear ones, so much is occurring upon the earth.  Life has truly become complicated not only through everyday needs to be met but also through the jungle of emotions that flood each soul with all that is going on in the world.  Truly a mine field of explosive events that play each day upon the earth causing confusion, doubt, purpose and wondering what it is all about.

Dear ones the old is leaving and the new is trying to break through the remnants of the old.  It is and will be a slow process for the old needs to be rid of, cleansed and purified.  Humanity will hear much of the truth that has been hidden since time began.  Institutions, organisations, governments need to fall as do those that implement the greed, the manipulation, the sorrow that they inflict upon the majority if not almost all with its pain.

Doubts of whom to trust, to believe, to look to for guidance is undoubtedly one of the biggest challenges for the ordinary individual, as the challenges of life on your planet earth have become intolerable and are the most difficult in the history of earth.  So much so that they have caused for many to want to pass-over.

Take each day as it comes with its challenges and look them straight in the eye knowing you can overcome and rise above should your will want to.   The time of the transition is not a short span in your time, so expect 5 to 7 years for much to take place and build upon.  Their will be a rise in consciousness that will bring this massive change.  Until it happens, or shall we say until it reaches a critical mass, for it has already begun, it will be a rocky road.

Know you have what it takes simply because you chose to be here for the event that will transform not only Humanity but also the way it conducts its affairs upon the earth plane.  Technology like nerver before shall surface and bring much to the plate to choose from.  Life in a sense will be simpler and more appreciated during this transition if allowed to be.

Stay strong, be as healthy as you can in both body and mind, seek the truth and be compassionate of your brothers and sisters all over the world for there is not one soul that does not cry at some point.

We say thankyou for the opportunity to raise the vibration.

All is well, all is well, all is as it should be.

Picture by Sahnu D, Aventure photos.

Keep vibrations high for peace

Keep vibrations high for peace

23 / 02/ 22

Zion will there be a Third World War?

Good morning dear ones.  No, there shall not be any third world war.  Yes, war shall break out in many places but it will not go further than those boundaries.  Life is so precious and the world is slowly wakening up to this fact.

Already there has been so much change as people all over the  world rise to stand for the truth and justice to be done.  They shall also stand for peace.

The dark may throw all it has upon humanity but the light shall win, for when light is among you, the dark cannot be.

People from many nations are on the rise to see that the corruption, deceit and injustice that has especially been occurring of recent times be punished for their deeds.  This shall be.

Do not fear or be afraid of what you shall hear for their will be much that will be expressed so as to do just that.  For fear begets  fear.  This is what feeds the dark and helps them to control the masses.

Keep vibrations high.  Do not let all the fear mongering overcome you.  Instead concentrate in doing your part in keeping vibrations high.  First by not listening to all the evil propaganda that will be.  Choose to be of light heart through expressing joy and gratefulness in all you do.  Do good deeds for others when  you can.  Even a smile to a stranger will automatically change the vibration of self and to the one expressed.  It is so simple.

There will be threat of war for Australia also, but this shall be contained to the north.  The world will uproar as Australia is seen as a nation of freedom with people from all over the world living as one.  It may not seem so at the present time but it shall be again.

So do not fret and live life as you would want too normally.

Give of your prayers and healing and picture the people of the nation at peace.  This is more powerful that you realize.

Russia shall invade the Ukraine but this shall also dissipate as nations withdraw communications with them.  Again, just do your part.

It is with much gratitude that we say,

All is well, all is well, all is as it should be.

Picture by Mathew Henry, Adventure Photos.

Contemplation of moments

Contemplation of moments

Good morning, dear ones.  You are like visitors to this earth sent on a journey by our creator. All you need is given with the utmost reverence for your journey, your experience, your lesson.  How you cooperate with the lesson is up to you for you have free will.  You can choose to rise above your tests or you can wallow in their demise and choose to waste this precious time.

Never the less nothing or we should say no lesson is ever wasted for it will serve the next one  That is why contemplation is important.  Contemplation of your day’s actions, words and decisions be examined with an honest heart.

Be the light in your steps whatever your lesson for the creator wants you to overcome your lesson and enjoy the journey itself.

If bad things have happened in the past or your experiences were not what you had hoped for, release them, let them go.  Take it that they were part of the journey.  Their energy dissipated as soon as it happened.  If only people/ humans would see and understand this.  What matters, what counts is the energy you give to the present moment for that is all there is.  Nothing else but the moment in all of eternity is more important than the present one.  For life, existence spirit that is its true nature, its true being.

Can you see the power of the present moment.  Make it your mission, your goal that you will give back to it, what it gives you and watch your life change.

We don’t say that you must live like this, but only that you try. Each one that you make count is a blessing in disguise.  For you will take those blessings with you when your journey ends.  Your soul will thank you.  Do not misunderstand this for you will take every moments existence with you.  But he blessings in disguise are like a jewel in the ocean to the Soul helping to soar higher.

Be kind to self on this journey of life and forgive they self for actions/words done and said.  For  you are only a child in this universe and the father is merely letting you play and learn.

Never the less remember what has been given and contemplate, review and let go.  Take only what will serve you on your next leg of your journey.  Give thanks for it and release, release, release.  Your journey will be lighter and better for it.

It is with much gratitude that we say,

All is well, all is well, all is as it should be.

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Old Structures falling

Old Structures falling

Greetings dear ones, the chains are beginning to break.  Everyday more and more of humanity is awakening to the slumber they have been in for millenniums. Open your eyes, your ears and see the truth, hear the truth as corporations, governments, institutions you once looked up to are falling apart.  And, if they have not yet begun yet, their time will come. Humanity will no longer tolerate such evil, inconsistencies and injustice that’s pound the majority if not but for almost all.  The wheels have begun to turn and life will take on a new vibration.  One of a higher octave. 

This means that people will and need to take more responsibility for their lives, their conduct and their being.  For with this awakening comes a huge spiritual awakening whereby humanity will see that they are more than just a body and that humanity is not alone in the universe.  This  will transform every institution, how governments are run and bring more ethics into corporations.  Humanity is heading for a new earth where love, kindness and compassion will rise the vibration of not only the entire earth and world as you know it, but also on a vibrational level throughout the cosmos.

See this vision for it will be so.

However, this is only the beginning of the vision.  Before this will be, their will be much chaos, fear and uncertainty as structures break down.  This needs to be for the new to rise.

During this time, it will also be a cleansing of the self as people go more within and examine and contemplate their own being and purpose for the dark withing has to be eliminated just like that of the bigger picture.

What will pull humanity together is the ultimate goal of what you want for self, you should want for others.  A more just society with more respect for self and others, a more honest and transparent way of being and being governed. Freedom to be as your creator would want you to be in a world that has peace.

Let everyone rise to this vision as the switch has already been turned on and let the intensity of the light increase and grow every day.

It is with much gratitude that we say,

all is well, all is well, all is as it should be.

Picture by Vineeth Sampath, Adventure photos