Greetings dear ones.  Today’s message is of promise, of light, of hope.  The new year will bring many challenges once again, but it will also bring the above.  Truth is being revealed like never before, truth that cannot be denied.  For those whom choose to not open their eyes, we say try, for not to do so will only stunt your light.  As a citizen of the world, you all have a responsibility that comes with this truth, this knowledge.  Use it to benefit yourself, your loved ones and all of humanity.  The light that shines from the truth revealed releases, heals and brings together the force of light and in turn the change required to serve the new world as you know it.  For it is that when it gathers enough momentum so it shall be.

Yes, much shall continue to occur to try to bring fear into the masses.  We say stand tall, stand strong and unite for as you walk your journey through the year you will see the darks plan fall away and the light gathering strength to stand in its face.

People, humanity on a world-wide scale is being manipulated through fear like never before in order to succumb to the darks master plan.

When you hear of the dark trying to bring down what you see as rightful, justful, whether it be though threat of war, freedoms taken away, laws and regulations imposed upon you, do not fear and crumble and give in to the powers that be.  But rather stand defiant in the truth that is of what is righteous and justful.  Unite to be a force to be reckoned with, always in peace and with love for all concerned.  To stand as a force of light is stronger than to stand with a force of dark.  For there cannot be dark when there is enough of the light.

So, open your eyes and minds to what is taking place and let your hearts feel the truth and guide you out of what may be blocking you.

Know also that just like you have forces of light and dark, so have we on other planes.  Know that these forces have also influenced what is taking place on the earth plane.  But know also that the light forces from near and far are greater and united to see this mission through in order to bring the new earth into being.  Not only will it prosper and give humanity a new way of being.  It will also give the galaxy a new vitality to shine more so, helping vibrations to lift for all concerned.  This may be a little heavy to comprehend, but never the less true.

We leave you with one last message.

If you know that those you love, your family, your friends are what matters, you must also know that humanity is an extension of that love for what you want for self, for your loved ones, so does all of humanity but for a few.

The message of love, of hope, of the way, is never greater than this time of year as it unites and reminds all of the way to be and of eternal life. Let the light from this message shine and work through you to make it a better world.

It is with much gratitude that we say,

All is well, all is well, all is as it should be.

Importance of Solitude

Importance of Solitude

Good afternoon dear ones. Today’s message is of solitude and the importance of it.  It is important to take this time to be with your creator.  Its about prayer, contemplation, checking in with self.  Its about setting and making sure the road ahead is as clear as you can make it in your mind.

Its  about building on whom you are today to improve for tomorrow, and the presence in-between is where you begin.  Search the self and know thy self, for if time is not given to this pursuit, you will only crumble beneath someone else’s plan/dream.

Take time today to sit in stillness.  You do not have to go into a meditation but rather let it be a deliberate conversation, an honest conversation between self and your creator.  Let it speak of your failings, for to be aware is to be enlightened and on a path to truth and growth for your way of being  To face what is dark or should we say not of a higher vibration takes a courageous and honesty heart.  We say you cannot go wrong to take such action.  For failure to acknowledge only fails the self immensely.

Once you have seen your weakness, aspire to rectify and to lift your vibration so it is no more.  Depending on what it is, it could take many days, weeks, months or it could be instant.  Its your journey, your life, your time.  No one , not even your creator will tell you to get a move on.  Its up to each individual/ Soul when you are ready.

The solitude is also to contemplate with your creator your intentions your dreams and the gifts you have been given along the way to make your wishes/prayers to come alive  Tell your creator and then set an intention to manifest your dream, your pursuit.  Everyday do something towards the dream with full intention that it will be given, in the Creators time, when all has been aligned. At the end , take also this time to tell your creator your concerns, your worries and let his angels heal you and show you the door to open next.

Remember when you finish your dialogue/ visit with your creator, remember to give thanks on all whom you called upon. 

It is with much gratitude that we say,

All is well, all is well, all is as it should be.

Humanity does not stand alone in these difficult times

Humanity does not stand alone in these difficult times

What message do you have for humanity Zion.

Greetings dear ones. To know that you do not stand alone. That there are forces of light from throughout the Cosmos and in Spirit assisting Humanity in every aspect and field. The world as you know it is on the precipice of a new beginning. But before this can be it needs to rid itself of all that is in its present form. The new earth will not just present a new way of living but also of being Being aware that you are spirit first, being aware of how you can create your world, being aware of the power each Soul , to rise through trusting, is to be a citizen of the new earth.
For this to take place one needs to be of courage, to stand for truth, to be part of the dismantling of all that does not serve in earnest and not of the light. It is without doubt that this will cause upheaval, pain, uncertainty, disruption and chaos.

But know that out of all this insanity that has gripped the world a new order will arise as all is put into a new perspective, a risen consciousness born from the pain that is and was.

Light shall reign and Humanity rise in consciousness and responsibility for self and one’s actions. To rise is to be of the light. To hold in one’s hand the magic of creation and the power of love for self and others to create a better world. Go within and listen to Soul, it resides in the heart and wants to expand . It awaits your thoughts, your words, your actions. Let your emotions marry the intention to create a better world for all.

It is with much gratitude that we say,
All is well, all is well all is as it should be.

Picture by Gordon Hatusupy


Peace with in

Peace with in

April 17th, 2021

Greetings dear ones. Much turmoil exists in the world. Humanity/people do not know what to believe anymore. The sources they once trusted have become so corrupt and deceitful fuelling the anxiety and fear in today’s climate.
We say, listen to your heart, listen to the whisperings from Spirit that continually shower you all but are to shallow, too tired, too blocked and bombarded with information from all angles.
We feel for Humanity and all its going through. People are lost not only in the world but also within. If you would take the time to go within you would find peace to be. This silence would give you a different kind of fuel, one of love, of stillness that would radiate through your body.
There cannot be peace in the world until there is enough on the ground seeking it and seeking it from within. This peace radiates through the body changing cells in the DNA seeking wholeness. This then vertebrates outwards and gives light to all who come near as well as the being practising its vibration
We have said many times, it starts with the self. The new earth is about self-regulation, self-governing self-love. Rise to be this new being and watch the world around you change.
You come from a source that is of love that is of power, that is of all you desire and more. Set your intention for the highest good for self and all and watch the light dance magic.
It is wise to remember also that what is taking place in the world at this time is of reason so as to bring forth the new, once the old has been dissipated. It will take time as you know it, but the sooner you become the powerful creator the sooner the new earth shall dawn. When the scale tilts in its favour so it will be.
It is with much love and gratitude that we say,
All is well, all is well, all is as it should be.

Photo by Shauna and Damien Richard. Burst Photo’s

Time to rise and seek the truth

Time to rise and seek the truth

Greetings dear ones. The world is about to be plunged into more darkness but only because the truth shall bring more confusion, more fear as people/humanity no longer knows what to believe. But what they will come to know and learn is what their governments are truly about and the corruption, the individual intention for self-gain that seeks nothing of the light but everything that is of this world.

What is needed is for people with the right intention to rise. This shall happen, but it will all take time. So much truth will be revealed and what will be brought to the surface will make the most hard-core believers of their governments to question. For what will rise is of evil, of injustice, of self-gain of a higher or should we say of a much wider agenda of all world governments, controlled by those of material wealth with ideologies of darkness and hungry for power and control.

This is not to say that all in governments are of evil, for there are good people amongst all the evil but they are led astray and their numbers do not lend to effectiveness of bringing forth what light is required. But do not worry for Humanity is about to rise like never before. Everyday that passes, more and more are awakening.

We say stand tall, do not judge but seek to expand your own light, your own mission to seek truth and let your actions speak for themselves as they fight for righteousness and the purpose of bringing more light. One can no longer sit back and just accept. Ask yourself why, why are so many questioning. We’ll tell you why, it’s about inner knowing that voice inside that says so much is not right. Look at the world around you, is this the way it should be, does this feel right. Is what I am living what my creator wanted to be. We say of course not. But untamed and with an evil agenda of those with power, it has reached a point whereby Humanity needs to say enough is enough, for the darkness in all institutions runs deep and deeper.

We say rise in numbers to turn the tables on this evil. Do not just accept what is given but question what is taking place and look at the bigger picture of what is occurring.

When people awaken, they also find that there is an inner light that is the spirit within that is speaking to them of how life should be. They realize there is more to just being in whatever is just told to them. To question, to want better for self and others is to know that one is more than just a being that is born and dies. But to know that this longing comes from a wider connection to others. It awakens a truth of love and the right way of being.

It is with much gratitude for this expression that we say,
All is well, all is well, all is as it should be.

Picture by Brodie Vissers