We come with the message that the forces are about to infiltrate to a greater degree, every nation, every home, every heart if allowed.  It will come to you in the form of  a world lock down that shall be very severe depending where you live.  Some countries will comply more than others, many will not want to participate but eventually will join in.

The purpose of this lock down which again will be disguised as being for your own good, is to instil fear greater than ever, for through the fear they will control you.  It is during this time that they will carry military missions, cause havoc in both air and land that will generate many anomalies.  The earth shall shake and cause many tidal waves also.  The air shall become heavily polluted in parts.  This you will see is all by design.

So, we ask souls everywhere to awaken, to listen, observe of the world outside their perception.  Ask your heart if what is truly happening of a high vibration.

It is with sadness that we do not see enough of the right people in your governments to stand against the tyranny.   It will happen, but not until this event occurs and people truly awaken.  We must also say that there are many of the light out there scattered across  the globe fighting for all.  But many, many more are needed.

We ask that when this event occurs to remember what has been relayed and do not fear.  Do not give the dark what they want. The extreme elite in your nations have much to answer for and their day of judgment shall come.

You may say what can someone like I do, and we say that you can do so much.  Knowledge yourself of events, facts that are presented so as to seek the truth.  Strive to be the best version of self through right intention, right actions and right words that are always of the highest that you may understand and never to hurt another in any form. Then strive to respect the self so that you may know what it is to respect another, always coming from the heart so that you do not do to others what you don’t want for self.  This is simple if you come from a place of love.

We also say prepare for this event by acquiring what you need for self and family if you have, for you may be forced to not leave your home for any reason.  Remembering also that utilities will also be affected.

To be forewarned is to be armoured.  Stand for the light for the force of it is greater and mightier than the dark and is the only way to a better world.  Once enough awaken and they shall after this event it will be unstoppable.

It is with much love and light of the highest that this is given.

All is well, all is well, all is as it should be.