Good afternoon dear ones. It is of love for the world is in so desperate need with all that is going on and all that is being revealed.  Times ahead will be challenging to say the least.  Not only to accept the truth of what reality really is, but also the challenge of facing and accepting the old breaking down.  Life as you have known it will change in every aspect.   With time as you know it, it will be for the better. But humanity needs to know it will take persistence, integrity and fore

sight to build a new world.  There will be times that so many will just give up.  We are counting on the true warriors who came for this special mission.  Some are yet to be born, but never the less their purpose will be the same, to create a new world, a new earth.

This breakdown of society that is going on shall continue.  The dark will endeavour nothing less.  We foresee great challenges for the remaining of the year, as humanity is being pushed into a corner.  This is when the true warriors will lead and others shall follow to not comply to the controlling ways of a few that believe they have the right to what occurs and what will not.  They shall fall as will corrupt governments and institutions of the world.  So do not despair but rather stand for your convictions and see this through and you will see the fruits of your actions.

Continue to be the best version of self, lead by example and refrain from thinking and being that you are better than others, for you/we are all one. Your colour, your religion, your values/morals do not truly define whom you are, as do your actions and words that speak through the heart.

It is with much love and light that we say, all is well, all is well, all is as it should be.