Dear ones, so much is occurring upon the earth.  Life has truly become complicated not only through everyday needs to be met but also through the jungle of emotions that flood each soul with all that is going on in the world.  Truly a mine field of explosive events that play each day upon the earth causing confusion, doubt, purpose and wondering what it is all about.

Dear ones the old is leaving and the new is trying to break through the remnants of the old.  It is and will be a slow process for the old needs to be rid of, cleansed and purified.  Humanity will hear much of the truth that has been hidden since time began.  Institutions, organisations, governments need to fall as do those that implement the greed, the manipulation, the sorrow that they inflict upon the majority if not almost all with its pain.

Doubts of whom to trust, to believe, to look to for guidance is undoubtedly one of the biggest challenges for the ordinary individual, as the challenges of life on your planet earth have become intolerable and are the most difficult in the history of earth.  So much so that they have caused for many to want to pass-over.

Take each day as it comes with its challenges and look them straight in the eye knowing you can overcome and rise above should your will want to.   The time of the transition is not a short span in your time, so expect 5 to 7 years for much to take place and build upon.  Their will be a rise in consciousness that will bring this massive change.  Until it happens, or shall we say until it reaches a critical mass, for it has already begun, it will be a rocky road.

Know you have what it takes simply because you chose to be here for the event that will transform not only Humanity but also the way it conducts its affairs upon the earth plane.  Technology like nerver before shall surface and bring much to the plate to choose from.  Life in a sense will be simpler and more appreciated during this transition if allowed to be.

Stay strong, be as healthy as you can in both body and mind, seek the truth and be compassionate of your brothers and sisters all over the world for there is not one soul that does not cry at some point.

We say thankyou for the opportunity to raise the vibration.

All is well, all is well, all is as it should be.

Picture by Sahnu D, Aventure photos.