23 / 02/ 22

Zion will there be a Third World War?

Good morning dear ones.  No, there shall not be any third world war.  Yes, war shall break out in many places but it will not go further than those boundaries.  Life is so precious and the world is slowly wakening up to this fact.

Already there has been so much change as people all over the  world rise to stand for the truth and justice to be done.  They shall also stand for peace.

The dark may throw all it has upon humanity but the light shall win, for when light is among you, the dark cannot be.

People from many nations are on the rise to see that the corruption, deceit and injustice that has especially been occurring of recent times be punished for their deeds.  This shall be.

Do not fear or be afraid of what you shall hear for their will be much that will be expressed so as to do just that.  For fear begets  fear.  This is what feeds the dark and helps them to control the masses.

Keep vibrations high.  Do not let all the fear mongering overcome you.  Instead concentrate in doing your part in keeping vibrations high.  First by not listening to all the evil propaganda that will be.  Choose to be of light heart through expressing joy and gratefulness in all you do.  Do good deeds for others when  you can.  Even a smile to a stranger will automatically change the vibration of self and to the one expressed.  It is so simple.

There will be threat of war for Australia also, but this shall be contained to the north.  The world will uproar as Australia is seen as a nation of freedom with people from all over the world living as one.  It may not seem so at the present time but it shall be again.

So do not fret and live life as you would want too normally.

Give of your prayers and healing and picture the people of the nation at peace.  This is more powerful that you realize.

Russia shall invade the Ukraine but this shall also dissipate as nations withdraw communications with them.  Again, just do your part.

It is with much gratitude that we say,

All is well, all is well, all is as it should be.

Picture by Mathew Henry, Adventure Photos.