Good morning, dear ones.  You are like visitors to this earth sent on a journey by our creator. All you need is given with the utmost reverence for your journey, your experience, your lesson.  How you cooperate with the lesson is up to you for you have free will.  You can choose to rise above your tests or you can wallow in their demise and choose to waste this precious time.

Never the less nothing or we should say no lesson is ever wasted for it will serve the next one  That is why contemplation is important.  Contemplation of your day’s actions, words and decisions be examined with an honest heart.

Be the light in your steps whatever your lesson for the creator wants you to overcome your lesson and enjoy the journey itself.

If bad things have happened in the past or your experiences were not what you had hoped for, release them, let them go.  Take it that they were part of the journey.  Their energy dissipated as soon as it happened.  If only people/ humans would see and understand this.  What matters, what counts is the energy you give to the present moment for that is all there is.  Nothing else but the moment in all of eternity is more important than the present one.  For life, existence spirit that is its true nature, its true being.

Can you see the power of the present moment.  Make it your mission, your goal that you will give back to it, what it gives you and watch your life change.

We don’t say that you must live like this, but only that you try. Each one that you make count is a blessing in disguise.  For you will take those blessings with you when your journey ends.  Your soul will thank you.  Do not misunderstand this for you will take every moments existence with you.  But he blessings in disguise are like a jewel in the ocean to the Soul helping to soar higher.

Be kind to self on this journey of life and forgive they self for actions/words done and said.  For  you are only a child in this universe and the father is merely letting you play and learn.

Never the less remember what has been given and contemplate, review and let go.  Take only what will serve you on your next leg of your journey.  Give thanks for it and release, release, release.  Your journey will be lighter and better for it.

It is with much gratitude that we say,

All is well, all is well, all is as it should be.

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