Greetings dear ones, the chains are beginning to break.  Everyday more and more of humanity is awakening to the slumber they have been in for millenniums. Open your eyes, your ears and see the truth, hear the truth as corporations, governments, institutions you once looked up to are falling apart.  And, if they have not yet begun yet, their time will come. Humanity will no longer tolerate such evil, inconsistencies and injustice that’s pound the majority if not but for almost all.  The wheels have begun to turn and life will take on a new vibration.  One of a higher octave. 

This means that people will and need to take more responsibility for their lives, their conduct and their being.  For with this awakening comes a huge spiritual awakening whereby humanity will see that they are more than just a body and that humanity is not alone in the universe.  This  will transform every institution, how governments are run and bring more ethics into corporations.  Humanity is heading for a new earth where love, kindness and compassion will rise the vibration of not only the entire earth and world as you know it, but also on a vibrational level throughout the cosmos.

See this vision for it will be so.

However, this is only the beginning of the vision.  Before this will be, their will be much chaos, fear and uncertainty as structures break down.  This needs to be for the new to rise.

During this time, it will also be a cleansing of the self as people go more within and examine and contemplate their own being and purpose for the dark withing has to be eliminated just like that of the bigger picture.

What will pull humanity together is the ultimate goal of what you want for self, you should want for others.  A more just society with more respect for self and others, a more honest and transparent way of being and being governed. Freedom to be as your creator would want you to be in a world that has peace.

Let everyone rise to this vision as the switch has already been turned on and let the intensity of the light increase and grow every day.

It is with much gratitude that we say,

all is well, all is well, all is as it should be.

Picture by Vineeth Sampath, Adventure photos