Good afternoon dear ones. All is becoming transparent if only you would look. The world as it was can no longer hide. People everywhere are seeking truth, standing up for truth, want to live truth. The machines of corruption are being turned. We have been saying for ever so long and now it is coming to pass. True it is only the beginning but enough has already been exposed to ever go back again.

We do not say it will be easy or a quick process for both could not be further from the truth. Humanity has turned the wheel. It is time to stand and be counted. Every soul has a responsibility to support the awakening. For many it will not be this time round, but for others that are ready, although much pain to contend with still to be, know that you are on the leading edge of great transformation for Humanity, mother earth and even the cosmos.

For the brave souls that stand rightly so, know that life shall change as you know it for the better of all. Yes, there will still be dark forces at bay, forever trying to bring down the light. But know that with everyone that stands for the light the darks strength diminishes into oblivion. We go back to the ‘I’ and self-responsibility to be the best version of self for that is what will transform all into the higher vibration .Intention to do so vibrates at an enormous capacity lifting the self and all the intention relates to. Even though all around you seems to be falling apart including some souls, know that this is not what it appears to be. The old needs to be dismantled for the new to rise.

The present times are some of the most difficult that humanity and mother earth has faced. But know you are not alone for there are many friends of the universe assisting so as to not let the earth and humanity fall. This you will learn of very soon.

It is with much gratitude that we say. All is well, all is well, all is as it should be.

Picture by Jonne Rantzau, Aventure photos.