Good morning dear ones.  The message is having faith.  Faith that all is working for the highest good.  It may not seem like it but humanity needs to understand that what is taking place is to awaken to break down old structures, to reveal truth.  We see the old breaking away slowly, but we also see much resistance.  People fear what they do not understand and as they see resistance, they blame those that do not believe or want to go back to the old, not understanding that the structures of old are of manipulation, greed and control and of dark ways.

This new energy sweeping the earth and your cosmos is allowing light to break through which cannot but cause upheaval as it breaks down the old ways.  People/humanity is beginning to hear and see the truth of what has been taking place and indeed one of the biggest travesties  has and is in process.  It is that light  and dark are clashing causing upheaval and chaos both within individuals and extremely in the world.

Humanity needs to remain strong in the light and not waver.  The truth seekers are leading and need to grow in numbers as they are.  Everyday more and more are awakening.  At the same time the powers of dark that be are giving everything they have knowing they are fighting for their empires of darkness and evil.  Humanity is becoming aware of these powers and how their manipulation has not only controlled the masses but also how it affects them and the stronger ones are fighting back.

Do not concern yourself what others  may or may not agree.  For those that see the truth fighters do not judge and see them as trouble makers for they are fighting for justice for all of humanity.  These fighters have allowed the light to pierce through and know there is a better way.  One of righteousness of justice of fairness and of love.  No longer of greed and centredness.

The current structures must all fall before humanity can have peace.  So, understand that in all this  turmoil what will arise is the new earth to be.

It will not before some time, but know that each soul that awakens, each day that brings forth more truth, the force of light gets stronger allowing even more light to penetrate all the old structures.

Even on an individual level, examine what no longer serves, be aware of what old thought beliefs and patterns of behaviours one carries that holds one back, from truly experiencing life and the way that you treat self and others.  As we always say it start with ‘I’.

One simple ay to bring light for self and for all around you and ultimately add to that of the world is to listen to that light within that is of your creator and knows the right from wrong.  Your right intention to know to understand this will bring the right course  of thought, of action.  Ask yourself is it of love, will it hurt me or others,  Will the consequences that flow from my actions cause grief or will they lift others into a space of higher vibration.  One has so much power if one with right intention for they become a teacher to others and help awaken those around them.

Love is the key, always has been for a better world. Love for self and love for other enough to want for them or what you would want for self.

It is with much gratitude that we say,

All is well, all is well, all is as it should be.