Greetings dear ones. Today’s message is of promise, of light, of hope. The new year will bring many challenges once again, but it will also bring the above. Truth is being revealed like never before, truth that cannot be denied. For those whom choose to not open their eyes, we say try, for not to do so will only stunt your light.

As a citizen of the world, you all have a responsibility that comes with this truth, this knowledge. Use it to benefit yourself, your loved ones and all of humanity. The light that shines from the truth revealed releases, heals and brings together the force of light and in turn the change required to serve the new world as you know it. For it is that when it gathers enough momentum so it shall be.

Yes, much shall continue to occur to try to bring fear into the masses. We say stand tall, stand strong and unite for as you walk your journey through the year you will see the darks plan fall away and the light gathering strength to stand in its face.

People, humanity on a world-wide scale is being manipulated through fear like never before in order to succumb to the darks master plan. When you hear of the dark trying to bring down what you see as rightful, justful, whether it be though threat of war, freedoms taken away, laws and regulations imposed upon you, do not fear and crumble and give in to the powers that be. But rather stand defiant in the truth that is of what is righteous and justful.

Unite to be a force to be reckoned with, always in peace and with love for all concerned. To stand as a force of light is stronger than to stand with a force of dark. For there cannot be dark when there is enough of the light.

So, open your eyes and minds to what is taking place and let your hearts feel the truth and guide you out of what may be blocking you.

Know also that just like you have forces of light and dark, so have we on other planes. Know that these forces have also influenced what is taking place on the earth plane. But know also that the light forces from near and far are greater and united to see this mission through in order to bring the new earth into being. Not only will it prosper and give humanity a new way of being. It will also give the galaxy a new vitality to shine more so, helping vibrations to lift for all concerned. This may be a little heavy to comprehend, but never the less true.

We leave you with one last message.

If you know that those you love, your family, your friends are what matters, you must also know that humanity is an extension of that love for what you want for self, for your loved ones, so does all of humanity but for a few.

The message of love, of hope, of the way, is never greater than this time of year as it unites and reminds all of the way to be and of eternal life. Let the light from this message shine and work through you to make it a better world.

It is with much gratitude that we say,

All is well, all is well, all is as it should be.