3rd September 2021

Greetings dear ones. We are here to say do not give up and do not give in for that is what the darkness wants. To do so helps them achieve their goal. Have faith that all is going to plan. It may not seem so as all seems to be falling apart, all that you have known collectively, and yes it is. But it is a good thing as the darks true colours are being revealed.

You will hear of corruption, lies and deception of the highest and masks shall come off. People you once looked upon and admired will be held in contempt as you feel the deceit of those you thought you could trust. Stand in your power and know that what is thrown at you will not touch you if you stand for truth, justice and righteousness to be done. Yes all shall fall around and the days, weeks and months ahead shall be difficult.

We say stand united for your power to be heard needs for many to play their part. Know that this is a cleansing of those and all that will not serve the new earth.

The remainder of this year will bring many tribulations, so resolve to keep your light strong and do not let others bring you down nor you to them. For this is the division the dark want. This gives power to the dark that is manipulating so much of earthlings today. Those that seek to fulfill their dark agenda will not win. Their day of reckoning shall be upon them as will their ways and eliminated once and for all.

Remember stand in your light, your power. Come from a place of love and forgiveness and seek to grow in empathy that you may know another’s path and plight. Seek to bring peace through your actions and speak your truth with love and compassion.

For those in power, remember it shall not always be, so do unto others as you would have unto you. Let kindness by your mantra as should be gratitude for all that is given.

Do not be afraid of your enemies but rather seek to see them for the troubled souls that they are. To do this is to know that you are stronger than them. Unite yourselves in the name of righteousness and you shall overcome all.

It is with gratitude that we say.

All is well, all is well, all is as it should be.

Photo by Alexander Winata, Adventure Photos