24th September 2021

Good morning dear one. We see you have not asked any question for you are despondent. We say do not be for all is as it should be. We say this even though all appears and is falling, breaking down, it needs to be. We have told you many times of this happening, of the need for it to be. As all does, do you not see all the dark being revealed. The true colours coming out as you would say.  From governments, friends, family. Those you thought would stand with you and applaud you only to turn the other cheek and pretend that they do not know you.

We say follow your heart for what you believe to be true and those of same will come on board and stand with you. Sometimes it is that family is not family. You may have incarnated as such, but the Soul grows on different levels and some take more time as you would call it. It does not mean that they are wrong or not up to what you might assume as a higher level, but just a different vibration.

Compassion for one’s own journey and that of others allows the grace to work its magic for the highest good of all.

To do the best you can, given what is given to you is all you can do. Remember, if it comes from the heart, it will suffice all that needs the right intention. Do not let fear overcome, for that clouds and distorts all. Look at everything as though you are an observer and nothing more.

This will allow you to stand in your power and respond with courage and strength and with the light from your heart, for to allow yourself to be dragged into all that does not serve you, will only bring your vibration right down.

Lift your heads, stand tall and stand for righteousness and just action. Foresee the consequences of your actions for they will also help guide you to what is right. Listen to that voice within, seek the peace that can be found within and spend time contemplating what you want to see for yourself your loved ones and all of humanity and mother earth in the future.

Practicing this will raise the vibration for all. Remember also that you returned at this point in time to make that difference. To commence the change over from dark to light. Remember this in the days to come as you shall need it.

Know also that you have what it takes to bring Gods plan to being.  You know in your heart if these words speak to you and you will know that you cannot just sit back and let the dark influence you.

Call out to your creator, ask for the light to enter so that it may work through you to help the plan to be.  Make no mistake, it is the biggest battle between light and dark ever seen on your planet earth.  Know that all will be brought to justice and evil contained and transformed into light.

Follow one simple step if no other. Do unto others as you would have to self.

It is with much love and gratitude that we say,

All is well, all is well, all is as it should be.