Good morning dear ones. Do not fear for that is what they (the dark) desire. The fear brings the density the fog that creates the illusion that there is no hope. Humanity everywhere is playing into their hands as they give over their power. Do not let this be. Stand in your power in thought and in action.

We know and see how it is easy to fold into their plan through the fear they create. You have been for warned of what was to be. It is that the most truest of courage, strength and will as all are tested and you stand in your power, forces of dark repel, they do not and cannot stand the light.

We would also say to you that your light in these dark times shines brighter than ever for many look to you as you walk among them.

Your light, your soul has known it all before. It has prepared itself for the final test. This is to shine forth your light above all. To rise like the phoenix out of the ashes and into the light.

Your test is not to let those of lower over power you. Start with thought. Be the guardian of your thoughts and take responsibility for them. Do not let fear over run them that they become dark. Keep them of strength, of kindness to self and your fellow man. Do not let them be judgemental. Let faith walk with them knowing that you shall prevail over all adversity and the light shall conquer as the world awakens from the deepest of slumber.

We also say to you do not immerse yourselves in the constant barrage of fear and propaganda that is thrust upon you all.

Let the army of souls unite to come together and become the over searers of the new earth.

Keep the flame of Christ within burning. Go within and pray for the strength and courage to keep it alive and you shall overcome the ferocity of the dark pervading earth.

Call upon Angels of light to battle for you across the nations and mindsets of all whom slumber.

Above all have faith that the light shall prevail as humanity slowly awakens. Much shall befall this before this shall occur but there are many warriors’ true warriors amongst you whose light is ever powerful. For those to weak to be we say, follow the light of those who walk among you and you shall find your own beaming and in strength as you do so.

We are in gratitude for this expression… It is with love and faith that we say,

All is well, all is well, all is as it should be.