August 2021

Zion how long before people start to awaken. Good afternoon dear ones. It will take time as you know it. It has begun but nevertheless we foresee another year before the tide really turns. Many shall rise and fight for their freedom. But many more will not because of fear, because they believe what they are told. Humanity has a huge fight on their hands but it is with sadness that we say, a lot will come from once thought of as friends, family, neighbours. The government has and will continue to feed the wrong information and people who believe will blame those that do not adhere. Believe us when we say the tide shall turn, but until then much suffering shall take place.

The governments of the world are drowning in power. They have seen how easy it is to navigate the population to where they desire to be, in order to achieve their agenda. In most, people are trusting and truly believe it is for the best. What they do not know is that the awakened ones, the lightworkers are carrying them forward. For if it was not for them the world as you know it, as far as freedoms that can be had would not be. It is that they aim for a totalitarian government under one banner. This would give all power to but a few privileged and the world would be plunged further into darkness. We say have faith, all shall come to pass and righteousness and justice shall prevail. Those of the dark will face their day of reckoning. Be ready for unexpected happenings that will test even the most high in spirit. Knowing this prepares you and know you shall overcome all adversity. The truth is trickling through everyday and slowly people awaken. It is with much gratitude that we say,

All is well…all is well….. all is as it should be.

Picture by Brodie Vissers, Aventure Stock.