Greetings dear ones.  Prepare. Prepare to hear the truth that has been held from humanity.  Even though there have been many cultures aware of the great ones who reside in the cosmos and there have been many Masters in communication, the overall majority of humanity has been kept in the dark.  Friends of the earth come and go from your planet as necessary.  They come to assist and to stop the evil intentions that some of humanity keeps hidden.  Truth shall be revealed unlike anything ever before regarding them.

This will throw religions that have not been truthful into chaos.  For people who are not yet awakened will finally see the missing links, the unanswered questions that have never truly been able to be answered, in what will be revealed.

Again, this will bring fear but only because it will be used as a weapon by those in government to control.  Do not believe what you are told if it brings you fear that harm will come to you.

Let us say that if they were to be of harm, then you would have been taken out many lifetimes ago.  Their technology, their understanding is far superior than humanities current knowledge and understanding of the universe.

Just know they are here to assist humanity from destroying itself.  We have said this many times before.  The planet earth is a jewel in the  cosmos.  For that and for the reason that anything that happens verberates into the cosmos and this cannot be allowed for many reasons.

We understand that it will bring fear, but know that no harm will come to pass.  It is a great awakening for those who choose it to be.  We say this for their will be many who cannot fathom the link.

It is with much gratitude that we say,

All is well, all is well, all is as it should be.