Good afternoon dear ones. Today’s message is of solitude and the importance of it.  It is important to take this time to be with your creator.  Its about prayer, contemplation, checking in with self.  Its about setting and making sure the road ahead is as clear as you can make it in your mind.

Its  about building on whom you are today to improve for tomorrow, and the presence in-between is where you begin.  Search the self and know thy self, for if time is not given to this pursuit, you will only crumble beneath someone else’s plan/dream.

Take time today to sit in stillness.  You do not have to go into a meditation but rather let it be a deliberate conversation, an honest conversation between self and your creator.  Let it speak of your failings, for to be aware is to be enlightened and on a path to truth and growth for your way of being  To face what is dark or should we say not of a higher vibration takes a courageous and honesty heart.  We say you cannot go wrong to take such action.  For failure to acknowledge only fails the self immensely.

Once you have seen your weakness, aspire to rectify and to lift your vibration so it is no more.  Depending on what it is, it could take many days, weeks, months or it could be instant.  Its your journey, your life, your time.  No one , not even your creator will tell you to get a move on.  Its up to each individual/ Soul when you are ready.

The solitude is also to contemplate with your creator your intentions your dreams and the gifts you have been given along the way to make your wishes/prayers to come alive  Tell your creator and then set an intention to manifest your dream, your pursuit.  Everyday do something towards the dream with full intention that it will be given, in the Creators time, when all has been aligned. At the end , take also this time to tell your creator your concerns, your worries and let his angels heal you and show you the door to open next.

Remember when you finish your dialogue/ visit with your creator, remember to give thanks on all whom you called upon. 

It is with much gratitude that we say,

All is well, all is well, all is as it should be.