April 17th, 2021

Greetings dear ones. Much turmoil exists in the world. Humanity/people do not know what to believe anymore. The sources they once trusted have become so corrupt and deceitful fuelling the anxiety and fear in today’s climate.
We say, listen to your heart, listen to the whisperings from Spirit that continually shower you all but are to shallow, too tired, too blocked and bombarded with information from all angles.
We feel for Humanity and all its going through. People are lost not only in the world but also within. If you would take the time to go within you would find peace to be. This silence would give you a different kind of fuel, one of love, of stillness that would radiate through your body.
There cannot be peace in the world until there is enough on the ground seeking it and seeking it from within. This peace radiates through the body changing cells in the DNA seeking wholeness. This then vertebrates outwards and gives light to all who come near as well as the being practising its vibration
We have said many times, it starts with the self. The new earth is about self-regulation, self-governing self-love. Rise to be this new being and watch the world around you change.
You come from a source that is of love that is of power, that is of all you desire and more. Set your intention for the highest good for self and all and watch the light dance magic.
It is wise to remember also that what is taking place in the world at this time is of reason so as to bring forth the new, once the old has been dissipated. It will take time as you know it, but the sooner you become the powerful creator the sooner the new earth shall dawn. When the scale tilts in its favour so it will be.
It is with much love and gratitude that we say,
All is well, all is well, all is as it should be.

Photo by Shauna and Damien Richard. Burst Photo’s