Greetings dear ones. The world is about to be plunged into more darkness but only because the truth shall bring more confusion, more fear as people/humanity no longer knows what to believe. But what they will come to know and learn is what their governments are truly about and the corruption, the individual intention for self-gain that seeks nothing of the light but everything that is of this world.

What is needed is for people with the right intention to rise. This shall happen, but it will all take time. So much truth will be revealed and what will be brought to the surface will make the most hard-core believers of their governments to question. For what will rise is of evil, of injustice, of self-gain of a higher or should we say of a much wider agenda of all world governments, controlled by those of material wealth with ideologies of darkness and hungry for power and control.

This is not to say that all in governments are of evil, for there are good people amongst all the evil but they are led astray and their numbers do not lend to effectiveness of bringing forth what light is required. But do not worry for Humanity is about to rise like never before. Everyday that passes, more and more are awakening.

We say stand tall, do not judge but seek to expand your own light, your own mission to seek truth and let your actions speak for themselves as they fight for righteousness and the purpose of bringing more light. One can no longer sit back and just accept. Ask yourself why, why are so many questioning. We’ll tell you why, it’s about inner knowing that voice inside that says so much is not right. Look at the world around you, is this the way it should be, does this feel right. Is what I am living what my creator wanted to be. We say of course not. But untamed and with an evil agenda of those with power, it has reached a point whereby Humanity needs to say enough is enough, for the darkness in all institutions runs deep and deeper.

We say rise in numbers to turn the tables on this evil. Do not just accept what is given but question what is taking place and look at the bigger picture of what is occurring.

When people awaken, they also find that there is an inner light that is the spirit within that is speaking to them of how life should be. They realize there is more to just being in whatever is just told to them. To question, to want better for self and others is to know that one is more than just a being that is born and dies. But to know that this longing comes from a wider connection to others. It awakens a truth of love and the right way of being.

It is with much gratitude for this expression that we say,
All is well, all is well, all is as it should be.

Picture by Brodie Vissers