Good afternoon dear ones. There is much that will take place this month. The world is going to hear the real reason for the vaccination of all its citizens. It will not be accepted easily and there will be much turmoil and disbelief. But as we have said many times be ready for the truth. Just because it may not agree with what you believe it does not make it any less truthful. Life again will change. People/humanity will come to realize that not all is, as it has appeared.

Prepare for crisis, this will come in the form of riots and the threat of war. Man’s injustices to its brothers has and is coming to the fore. On an individua level, families are in turmoil too, with personal challenges of many kind at the fore again. This is what the dark side thrives on. So we say be aware of this and choose to be of the light. Choose to act from the heart with love and kindness. It is difficult to react with anger when approached with love.

The world in the coming months is going to hear of many truths, the above is but one. Governments need to take responsibility for all that is taking place and act truly for its citizens.

There are many-fold, light workers from different spheres of the Universe ever ready assisting Mother Earth and its habitants. Although the threat of war looms, these beings of light will not allow for the earth to be destroyed for it is too vital in the Cosmic plan, to continue to be and to prosper.

Man shall rise out of all this more compassionate, more forgiving and understanding of another’s plight. Man shall learn the importance of treating thy neighbour as oneself would want to be treated.

So while difficult times lie ahead, know that what does not serve the light needs be to cleared and transmuted.

It is with much gratitude that we say,
All is well, all is well, all is as it should be.