Good morning dear ones. We are pleased with your intention to connect and receive wisdom and truth. Today we would like to talk about the state of the world. It seems that everything one touches or hears about or just comes to mind is thwart with problems, changes, truths revealed to see things for how they really are. So much that people/humanity everywhere is anguished about what is occurring and what of is to come.

We say rest easy and take only one day at a time for we see it is much to carry. Unite in force with likeminded to give strength and courage to go on. Do what you can in your world to release your own pressures and fulfil your needs. When it comes to your community, the country you reside in, the power lies in numbers for the change to occur.

Seek first to make your world as peaceful and loving as you can for this is where it all starts. Begin by going into your heart and sitting there to find peace and to find what it is that Soul seeks from you at this time. Ask what it needs to become a warrior of light, how to best serve and love thyself, for it begins with the I, the self, the I am.

Seek to fulfil what it wants and needs to rise and then go about being the best version of self. When one has this intention and goes about it daily, it creates an energy of light raising one’s vibration and the consciousness. This must first be achieved before one attempts the matters of the world. For to do this you stand in strength yourself and your light shines brighter, so look after self-first and all else will follow.

To take responsibility for one’s own actions with courage and strength is to be more Godly more of ‘I am’.
It starts with the self, always has and always will. May your hearts be of love, of light, of courage to be whom you truly are.

It is with much gratitude that we say,

All is well, all is well, all is a it should be.

Photo by Matthew Henry