What message do you have for humanity Zion.

Greetings dear ones. To know that you do not stand alone. That there are forces of light from throughout the Cosmos and in Spirit assisting Humanity in every aspect and field. The world as you know it is on the precipice of a new beginning. But before this can be it needs to rid itself of all that is in its present form. The new earth will not just present a new way of living but also of being Being aware that you are spirit first, being aware of how you can create your world, being aware of the power each Soul , to rise through trusting, is to be a citizen of the new earth.
For this to take place one needs to be of courage, to stand for truth, to be part of the dismantling of all that does not serve in earnest and not of the light. It is without doubt that this will cause upheaval, pain, uncertainty, disruption and chaos.

But know that out of all this insanity that has gripped the world a new order will arise as all is put into a new perspective, a risen consciousness born from the pain that is and was.

Light shall reign and Humanity rise in consciousness and responsibility for self and one’s actions. To rise is to be of the light. To hold in one’s hand the magic of creation and the power of love for self and others to create a better world. Go within and listen to Soul, it resides in the heart and wants to expand . It awaits your thoughts, your words, your actions. Let your emotions marry the intention to create a better world for all.

It is with much gratitude that we say,
All is well, all is well all is as it should be.

Picture by Matthew Henry