Greetings dear ones. We shall be of cheer for it appears that some see us as negative. We have never imposed such intention and never will. We are of God, of the light and always shall be. Yes, it is important to be aware of all times, but it is also that if the message is adhered to, it will let you know that we are of the light.

The earth is going through many changes, nothing is static. Know that their will be many, many more. This is a good thing as the old is tilted to renew energies. Just like when you tilt the soil in the garden. The old is tilted to make way for the new soil that is brought up. This in turn is integrated with the old and refreshed. So it is with earth.

The old is being done away with leaving residue of it. The new is then integrated into a new way of being.
Life on earth will change many fold as new ways are found and proven to be better for Humanity to practice.

People/Humanity will have many choices. Those of old will prefer what they know, but the young and those yet to come to earth will accept and practice new ways that will aid life to be more conducive to the times they will live.
It is all good and exciting. In one sense it will be more simpler allowing for the individual to peruse what they love. Life will be lived more from the heart and respect and compassion for thy neighbour will reign.

Children brought up with different values than today. They will be caring and loving with joy for life and what it has to offer. They will lead to practice what is of benefit for the earth and its inhabitants to make it a place, a jewel for life in the cosmos. Many, many souls will want to return once again for it will offer an experience to further Soul with joy, love and appreciation of satisfaction and beauty. A family soul group of Humanity at its best.

This we say so as to know that life as you know it will not always be, but rather that there is much to look forward to. It is that first the soil needs to be tilted and so the disruption of all that is needs to be experienced.
Every day is one day closer to the new earth that will bring the new ways. We look forward to assisting Humanity to see and help through this transition.

So behold these words, let them settle in the heart and let Soul aspire to what is being given.
It is with much love that we say,
All is well, all is well, all is as it should be.

Photo by Avelino Calvar Martinez from Burst