Zion, so many people believed that President Trump was going to be elected and reveal all the corruption.

Greetings dear ones. We see the disappointment, the confusion, the let down that the truth of all that is, has not been revealed. There has been so much riding on the back of one man. So much expectation that this man could overcome all the evil that pervades the different layers of life as you know it. This man has been overrun himself with the evil intent that pervaded in his own party. Know that the powers of light know what they are doing and the plan is far greater than what Humanity knows and understands.
We say give this message to all. That is, rest assured that all is going to plan. Know that what is taking place is to show the world the manipulation of the dark side, the control, the lack of empathy for citizens of the world but only for self-gratification of a few.
Those in power who work through dark channels shall be brought to justice. They shall have their dark of reckoning. People/Humanity is beginning to see that what is taking place has a more sinister under lying than what they first perceived.

So do not fear for this is how governments take control. Once it was through religion that they controlled the masses, now it is through fear and manipulation of what is best for you. More laws and regulations shall be introduced until the people have had enough.

Then there are those so fear stricken that they are frozen in thought and action. We foresee an event to awaken all of humanity, a reckoning for it is the only way.

It is sad that those who are of the awaken will experience this also. But know that you will be placed to help the multitude to understand and help them see the light of all that is.

Know also that Covid shall be no more by the end of this year. Humanity will see what has taken place and will know that treatment has been there all along. Corrupt governments have played along to the tune of a very dark agenda. Humanity will not stand for the control that is being placed upon them. There shall be a united revolt like never before.

The year presents many challenges and difficulties. Stand strong and united in love and for the light. Awaken to all that is taking place and stand for the truth for all shall slowly be revealed.
Warriors of the light now more than ever you are called upon to shine your light and share in the truth.

It is with much gratitude that we say,
All is well, all is well, all is as it should be.

Picture by Rod Hill – Adventure photos.