Greetings dear ones. Take head of all around, all of your blessings for there are many. Sometimes one over looks what they have until they are forced to walk in another’s shoes.

Consciousness has risen enough to know the importance of this action and it is time for all to take heed of it. For the power for change for self and in the world lies in the simplest of actions.

Know that Gratitude is the new prayer in today’s world for you are acknowledging the gifts and blessings of God’s creation and the sacredness of your life. If you feel you do not know where to start, go out in nature, see and feel for its abounding.

In its simplest form when one expresses gratitude the thoughts are positive and like attracts like. For to receive and not give thanks or be aware of the action is when your universe ceases to expand.

At the end of each day or first thing in the morning acknowledge your bounty and give thanks for its fruit, for what you may take for granted may be the blessing asked for by another. Do this and you will see that life will be grateful for your expression and your journey bring more blessings.

Remember also to give thanks for the gift of life itself, for it is as precious as the sun that greats you every morning and the stars and moon that seek to guide and light up the sky at night. It is a gift from God to experience all that if offers.

Rest in your heart with these simple words and action and see your world change and all so that of those close to you and afar.

It is with gratitude and love that we say,
All is well, all is well, all is as it should be.

Photo by Matthew Henry
Adventure Photos