19 January 2021

Greetings dear ones. As the world sits and waits for what is about to transpire, there is much tension and anxiety of what is to be. Just know that what will be revealed is of the highest. It is of Gods plan to bring all into the light.

Much civil unrest will occur all over the world for its citizens will not be able to cope, to allow, to accept what will be revealed. Corrupt governments, institutions and corporations will face their judgement day. Those that have taken part in all the evil will be brought to justice. Know that this will take time as the dark waters run deep.

As an individual this will also be applied as the new earth calls for a new way of being, one of integrity, of love and of truth. Self-responsibility is called forth more than ever as there will be those to take office and work for the light, for right governing and right way of serving in privileged positions for the people.

Corruption in todays climate is so dense and ingrained that it has become the way of doing business as you would say and accepted. Know that it is not and cannot be allowed. Humanity needs to awaken to who they truly are and all that is taking place.

So the new earth calls for this way of being, of righteousness, of peace and of love. It calls for the right people to govern and maintain all that concerns the citizens of the world. It calls for the individual to rise to awaken to the truth of whom they really are and for governments to step up to serve their people with integrity and honest service that will aid the individual and community to be the best they can be.

What is about to take place is the beginning of the cleansing. It needs be for nothing will serve humanity as it should until it is done.

Light workers are called upon more than ever as this transpires. Be the light for all who call out for assistance to know and understand all that takes place and their role. Be of love, of kindness of integrity in your intention and you will assist many. This action will inspire many to rise and be of the light also.

Be also of courage, seek to stand in strength to accept nothing but the truth and way of being and know that many, many friends of the Universe stand among you to assist in this plan.

It is with much gratitude, that we say,
All is well, all is well, all is as it should be.

Photo by Janilson Alves Furtade.