Greetings dear ones. Todays message is one of the need for courage, for the world is in turmoil as all unfolds. Know that it is necessary to reset the world onto a path of righteousness for it has lost its way in all that it immerses itself in.

Much confusion and anxiety is stirring in people’s hearts. Government and big media corporations are taking more and more control of the citizens of the world. The challenges ahead will be daunting for the majority and many will choose to leave the plane for it is too much for them.

The earth is about to rumble like never before as it reflects what is in the hearts of humanity. It will be a challenge for the individual as it will be for humanity also. Do not despair, but rather see this as the cleansing that needs to be in order to bring forth the Golden Age.

Know that this will be sometime as much needs to unfold and expect that every area of life as you know it to be will be no more.

So be of courage, walk with integrity in all you do and prepare to hear the truth of all that is, of all that has been kept in the shadows of the most hideous of crimes committed by those of power and of control.

Let others have their opinions and if different from yours it does not matter. However, listen to what is said for truth may lay in between those lines. Do not turn the other cheek because it is easier to face than what will be presented.

Know that where ever you find yourself is where you need to be to learn what you come for on this journey and remember that you chose to be here at this time.

Take heed of all that occurs and of signs for answers you are looking for. Expect the unexpected to rise and look to the light to help you through it.

Stand for the truth to be revealed. Let this be your prayer for it needs to be for healing to take place. Raise your eyes to the sky, the cosmos and connect with your highest. Let your intention be for self to rise and awaken and for mother earth and its inhabitants to also raise in consciousness and in love.

May love and light reign in the hearts of Humanity and may they all unite for righteousness, truth and integrity, to stand in strength to assist in bringing forth God’s plan.

It is with gratitude that we say,
All is well, all is well, all is as it should be.