Greetings dear ones. Our message for the coming year may not be what you would wish to hear. The year will present many challenges that arise from the turmoil that will be in the world and in turn reflecting in people’s lives and the world as you know it. We have given much about what is to come and this year will finally bring the injustice, deceit and corruption to the fore.

Yes, Humanity stands on a precipice of a new earth but the beginning of it calls for the light to rectify and transform all the darkness and its ways to be no more. Humanity and the earth are being assisted by many, many beings of light from the cosmos here to assist with the plan for a new earth.
Do not fear when you hear about the friends of the Universe, for know that they are here to assist and help Humanity settle into a new way off being. For not to believe is also to live another lie. Life as you know it, is so much more than you perceive it to be.

Don’t despair and do not be aggressive when seeking. Strive for peace, for truth and be prepared for what will come forward. Do not just accept what is as you grow weary from all that has and will take place. Humanity must stop living a lie and face the corruption and evil set out to control and profit from the suffering and injustice done to those less fortunate in their power.

The corona virus will continue to plague many countries and dominate lives and way of life throughout the year. This will be further aggravated by civil war and the threat of a World War.
People will unite demanding the truth of what is really taking place and not the falsity that is being presented to the world. Twenty 21 will make 2020 seem not so harsh. Life again will change as you know it to be.

Just know that the forces of light will not allow the earth to be destroyed for it is critical in its place in the universe and to other planets.

The World is also to experience geographical changes which will see a lot of people displaced and in hunger. We say to all, be of love, be of compassion wherever you can serve and help one another for you are truly helping your self also. Light the way for others by being a warrior of the light.

Live your life everyday in the highest of intention. Be of the highest in all you do and you will assist Humanity and the earth into raising its vibrations.

It is with gratitude for this transmission.
All is well, all is well, all is as it should be.

Photo by Nicole De Khors