22 December 2020
Greetings dear ones. Today marks a very special beginning for the light to reign on earth. There are many who can feel the energies but there are so many, many more that don’t. This does not matter for what needs to take place will for the highest good of all. The light that enters your atmosphere also enters the hearts of Humanity and every cell of their being and into mother earth. It pulsates frequencies not experienced before assisting the individual to awaken and the elevation of earth into the cosmic arena of light.
This is the beginning of the new earth to be and you are here to experience and herald in this monumentos time.
In turn you will be receiving ever more assistance from light workers on all realms and throughout the cosmos. Do not expect that it will be a complete change over to this new beginning but rather that it has now commenced and all shall benefit as the energies work and are worked to bring all that is required for humanity and the earth to take up their rightful place in the cosmos.
Be aware that this energy will stir the dark, the negative into a frenzy as the dark unleashes what it has left knowing they have lost. So it is that you are to expect another difficult year, but do not be afraid, rather stand joyfully knowing the dark no longer has anywhere to hide. The energies that have entered call for nothing less than the truth to be revealed in all that is as the light will no longer tolerate what is not of the highest, of truth for humanity and for mother earth.
The new earth calls for a new way of being. Let it be that your intention is of love, respect and compassion for self, for others and the wellbeing of mother earth.
It is with gratitude we say,
All is well, all is well, all is as it should be.

Photo by Matthew Henry