13 December 2020
Greetings dear ones. These are transmitters set to serve the world with knowledge, with direction and the connection to other beings that will work to serve humanity. At present they are dormant, not yet activated as the time is not right. They, humans may find a number of them, but there are several thousand placed strategically on your planet. They receive and transmit information that will assist to help transform necessary vibrations which will contain much information for these beings to best serve humanity.

They are made of a dense material unlike anything known on your planet before and unlike the fake ones that have been found, the real ones are one seamless piece and much more narrow in width. The majority of them are implanted into the earth and do not even have to be exposed to transmit.

These transformers will give way much like a portal does in that’s it’s a gateway to another dimension. When they are activated, they will exude an energy like field for many kilometre’s that work with the suns energies also to help transform and cleanse nearby friction that has accumulated at points in the earth, that have been identified as you would think of as geographical importance and strength in the earth and atmosphere.

Your scientists will not make anything of them for they will just appear as a type of dense magnetic metal not known like any other. Should they be approached when activated, they will automatically be shut down as they can detect just like they can transmit for many kilometre’s around them. It is one thing to walk in its field but another if it detects harm to be, as this is a high calibre of its function. They can read the vibration of the intention. This is of no real concern in any case as the vibratory field will defuse much of if not all negative energies as exposed. You could say that they are the beginning of communication between earthlings and friends of the universe.

This is not to say that communication has not already been made for there are many governments and strategic people in them that have been working with alien life already. Humanity is not yet ready for this to occur, but it will hear soon that governments have known for quite some time about alien life and will even reveal small facts that they have learned.

The beings that place these monoliths are of a benevolent nature here to assist, so do not fear.
Stay calm and let the forces that be assist to bring in a new world order of a different nature of that of your governments want. It will be for the benefit of humanity as these energies are transmitted into high vibratory expression for the benefit of all of humanity and mother earth.

It is with much gratitude we say,
All is well, all is well, all is as it should be.
Zion’s Message | Messages from the other side of the veil