5th December 2020

Good morning dear ones. It will be that the new year ahead will be a difficult one. Many challenges lay ahead both on an individual and as a whole for all of humanity. The dark shall be relentless but know that the light has won.

Know that earth is currently being bombarded with light and with many beings of light from the highest. These beings, friends of the earth and humanity are here to assist. If people could see past the filter, they would be in awe of what is. As your frequencies rise much will be revealed. This is important for Humanity to accept and to know all that is. The portal that shall open soon will allow for the consciousness of Humanity to rise and this will open doors to much that has been hidden also.

As more and more of Humanity awakens, they will see from a different perspective. They will see much of the darkness that is on your planet, they shall no longer accept what is. This awareness will shift Humanity into a new era of light, love and expansion. Humanity shall also learn that they are not alone in the universe and shall rise to meet their family of the universe. It will be sometime before this happens, but it shall.

In the year to follow it is important to stand your ground, to stand in the light and be a warrior for the light. For every one counts to bring the plan to fruition. Lift your gaze, connect with the light and walk the path of truth and love.

We are with you, all is going to plan for the light to reveal all that no longer serves you, serves Humanity.
It is with much love and gratitude for this expression.
All is well, all is well, all is as it should be.

Photo by Christian Murillo