3 December 2020

Good afternoon dear ones. The message is, not all is as it seems. Expect the unexpected as truth is revealed. Do not concern yourself with negative and despairing opinions for it is only the dark giving its best, manipulating and confusing the truth for all to be misled. As we have said before, there is a war between light and dark and you are in the midst of this battle not knowing what to believe.

Have faith knowing that the consciousness of Humanity is about to raise in vibration . It is that this new light/vibration calls for a new way of being, nothing less than the truth of what truly is, to live with dignity, peace and respect of thy neighbour and of mother earth and all its inhabitants.

We say stay strong and be of courage. Take time to sit quietly in prayer, in silence and listen to your heart, your Soul deep within. There you will find peace and the faith that truth will lead you to where your meant to be. Let all play itself out, do not react with harshness but be open to another possibility for to do so is to let the light in giving you strength, giving you hope, giving you faith that all will be as it should be.

The cleansing of the world and its ways is truly in motion. Expect an increase in the tests that you face each day, of the personal and of the world. It is important more than ever to know this and be aware of your own reactions, your ways, your personal responsibility for them and the consequences thereof. Let them be of integrity, of truth and of grace for this will be the way of being in the world to be.
Humanity needs to take responsibility for self and the part it plays in the world. It is at this individual level that it begins. It then extends to family and community and then into the wider world. We cannot emphasize enough the power of the individual to make change for self and for others. Through simple, sincere acts and words that echo of love to self and others can move mountains.

Be the light you came here to be by seeking the truth of whom you really are and that of the world you live in.
All is well, all is well, all is as it should be.

Photo by Brodie Vissers.