Greetings dear ones. Prepare for the days ahead, for we foresee another turbulent year. Humanity shall uprise as more and more restrictions are imposed. Remember why you came here, do not get caught up in the hysteria of confusion. Go within the heart and listen to your Soul. It will speak to you in a language of love. It does not want to prove that its right or wrong, but rather of how to be. Speak your truth, but speak it softly and firmly. Treat others as you would be treated. Do not speak evil of others for it does not serve you well. Do not want for others what you do not want for self. Work on the fruits of the Soul, the Spirit daily. Concentrate on the self rather than to give energy to futile thoughts and actions concerning others and their doings, it does not serve you well.

Praise good actions for self and for others. Speak the truth always and listen, really listen to self and others, for to do so is to not only listen with ears, but also with the heart, the eyes, your inner knowing, your senses come alive.

Life is not meant to be painful, yet so many actions by others impede paths causing pain, despair, uncertainty and confusion. Whatever your action today, let it be of integrity, of honour of self and of the gift of life. Each breath lived in this truth not only helps your path/ your journey, but also assists in others paths as light is cast upon all that not only concerns you, but also to all around you. At the same time, you are being a teacher of light and the right way of being. Aim always for the highest good for all as you would want for self and peace shall reign among all.

It is a simple law, do unto others as you would have to you. If only humanity would think of as we instead of I.
We do not seek to condemn anyone, for you are all on a journey of growth. But take it that if you have been brought to these words, its time to step up. The words if listened to will help to bring forward a better world for all. As many people/souls need to awaken to this truth to help usher in the new world.
We are doing all we can to assist with so much light energies entering the worlds atmosphere, raising the consciousness, but humanity needs to step up also on an individual level. The light shall assist in the awakening, it is then for the individual to assist in true action of love. For their will be those that are already of high vibration, but there will still be those that have only just begun their journey of light. As we have said, you are teachers of the light if ever you are unsure, know that your right way of being of higher vibration is your purpose, showing others the right way of being.

So, lift your gaze and give thanks for awakening, for the gift of knowing, for the gift of life, the breath, for to also do this opens doors not known before.

It is with much love and gratitude for this expression.

All is well, all is well, all is as it should be.

Photo by Brodie Vissers