Greetings dear ones. As we transmit this channel, we give thanks for the opportunity to serve humanity in raising their vibrations, their light. Citizens of the world you need to take responsibility for all you do. The world/mother earth and its inhabitants are going through much turmoil ,the virus currently occurring has been the catalyst for the awakening of mankind, but without personal responsibility, the awakening will take much more time as you know it.
When we say personal responsibility we mean your actions, your words, your thoughts. They hold much power and create your own world and the experiences and challenges that you have.

We have given much on this before and it is that it will be repeated for humanity to absorb.
Take time to listen, to feel, as you see the implications that befall all that you entertain and actions taken. The teachings are simple, treat others as you would have done to you. Respect self by holding yourself accountable for your actions and words. Respect and be justful. Lend a hand when you can, even a smile will suffice. Do not be of haste with others, give time for you cannot understand what may be in their mind and heart.

Listen to the heart, for it holds the souls’ light. When in doubt ask what would the heart do, what would love do. Be gentle with thy self and others. Do not succumb to fear for it brings down the vibration and in turn fall to illness. Stand tall and be proud of your word and action that it does not make another fall but rather uplift.
Enjoy the moment for that is all you truly have. And, in that moment take the time to be aware of what is taking place and appreciating whatever it holds for you. If it is painful and sad, go within and seek peace through whatever aligns with you.

Life has changed and will never go back to what it was. This is a good thing for if it continued it would have been man’s downfall. More than ever Spirit and Beings of the Universe are assisting earth and Humanity to transform. Mankind cannot keep ignoring what is taking place and it needs to stop being arrogant and selfish and think of as we and not I, for to do so will change/transform much. To do the latter is to remain the same.

If Humanity does not listen more upheaval shall occur until it takes note not only of their own personal world but the world in general as they play a tremendous part in contributing to what is occurring.
So, listen. Listen to your thoughts, be aware of your actions and treat others and self with respect and humility and see all transform around you.

Don’t let fear lead you astray for that is what the dark forces want. Rather walk in the light by being a true representative of it.
All is well, all is well, all is as it should be.

Photo by: Brodie Vissers