What message do you have for humanity at this point in time Zion?

Greetings dear ones. It is with much love that we address this as it has much relevance to what is occurring in the world at this time.
The fear is rising, and yet there is still so much to occur that will increase it even further. People/humanity will be almost in a stupor of being as so much truth will be revealed it will be over whelming.
Listen, listen to your heart when reacting. Do you feel it a good thing or would you rather be left in the dark. If you really listen, the heart wants the first. For to awaken you need truth, not only in your own journey but that of the whole which is responsible for a lot of what takes place in your own journey.
The truth that is about to be revealed will not be accepted by many. Remember, you are first responsible for the journey of self which also entails how you conduct your life. To live a life worthy of respect for self and others is to be an example to how to live. Life lived with dignity, love and in peace is truly the way. So be responsible with the truth you will hear. Do not just discard as fraud for to do this is not to be open to the light that is desperately trying to break through all the darkness. Do not think that the word desperately means that the light is not of the greater for nothing could be further from the truth. By this we mean humanity needs to be open to receiving and wanting the truth.
It will not make a difference to those whom accept for they shall soar. It is that if others even entertain the truth of what they hear, they have the opportunity to better their own journeys.
What is about to be revealed will bring down many leaders in all fields, in governments, in institutions that have influenced much of the way of how life is lived, the problems, the darkness that exists that controls ,ever thirsty for more power and ways to control. Left unattended it can change the meaning of life, of the human, of nature.
So rise and be brave, be of courage for it is of the highest that this plan to reveal all that is taking place as the darkness throws all it can knowing its time is up.
Lightworkers of the world, raise your swords of truth and seek nothing but the truth. Seek to stand proud for self and for humanity as a race.
Take responsibility to seek, to examine, to rise above and look at it from the point of light, wanting, needing the truth to be revealed.
Open your hearts to love, and let the light enter like never before.
It is with much gratitude for this expression, we say.
All is well, all is well, all is as is should be.





Picture by Matthew Henry