Good morning dear child. We see you are concerned with the validity of the last message. Be prepared as all is about to unfold. We would asunder if it were not true.
Life as you know it is about to change again. People/Humanity will rise to claim their victory, their light as all is put to rest of whom they truly are. Their light their being will take on a strength, a knowing of whom they truly are and all shall change. This is part of the plan and the new way of being
For once this truth is known there is not going back. All shall fall into place and shall raise the consciousness of the planet.
Yes, turmoil shall be experienced but it shall also bring out the truth of all that is. As we have said many times, Man shall rise to walk with truth and dignity for self and others. Peace shall reign because of it. Peace within, peace among men, peace on earth. A glorious new beginning.
The truth of whom you are shall be revealed. It is only a matter of time. Lift your gaze, lift your heart for all is in place to reveal and have revelation take place like never before.
Mankind is not only ready but is in need for it to take place so that the energies that come forth at this time upon planet earth are taken advantage of to lift its inhabitants out of darkness. Stand by.
It is with much love and gratitude for this expression.
All is well, all is well, all is as it should be.