24th October 2020
What is the message for today Zion.

Good morning dear ones, it is one of reverence. We watch as all unfolds for the highest good. So much is taking place in the cosmos as beings of light stand by and come forward for God’s plan to come to fruition. This has been since time began for Humanity. The the cries of those in destitute, those who have no voice, those in confinement, shall cease to be.
The world, the earth you tread will be filled with al light conscious that will heal bringing for a more just and loving place into being. Yes, you will still have your own journeys, your challenges to face each day, but you will face them with love in your heart and in your step.
Humanity will welcome what is to take place as those that have awaken grow in numbers by the multitude not to accept the darkness any longer. Institutions that run on this fuel will tumble and fall forever. Light shall bring the new into being and peace and love shall reign.
Know that when the truth is revealed it will be that it will challenge many as fear runs rampant until all settles. There will still be many that hold on to the darkness, but one by one they shall fall like bowling pins in a bowling alley.
The lightworkers will step up, those that already are and those reading these words for the first time will step up as they know of the plan. They will be the glue holding the space for all to come to fruition. Others will see your light, your strength and come to you for guidance. Be of courage, of high vibration and know that you will be assisted. Much turmoil awaits before this takes place, just remember that the old structures need to fall before the new become.
You are now in the midst of all ready to take place, stand tall in the light knowing you are not alone as armies of light stand with you.
Light shall prevail, light shall bring peace and a new way of being as Humanity truly lives and walks their journey from the heart.
It is with gratitude for the expression, we say,
All is well, all is well all is as it should be.