26 October 2020
Zion, is there more to Covid than what we are being told.

Greetings dear ones. Yes there is much more to covid than Humanity is being told. It is not a naturally occurring virus but rather from a test tube, a laboratory. It was designed to create the world scenario that is taking place as you see it.
There are larger powers of beings, human beings that control governments. These are the elite of your world, ever hungry for more power, more control, more wealth than ever before. They are even at war privately in their own field of control. Much is about to be revealed, but not before they give it one more shot as you would say.
Covid presents no more danger that any other virus that runs its course but they are stopping the medication that exists to eradicate it and save lives. These culprits shall have their day as they are infiltrated and so will the governments.
People like to believe that their government is there to support ,to provide, to govern order in the highest good for them. Unfortunately, the vast majority can be bought very easily.
Watch in the days to come as the truth evolves. People/ Humanity as a whole is beginning to question much. This is rightly so, for an announcement will be made that the lockdown has been for a wider more sinister plan to gain further control of your world’s citizens.
However, as these worldly dark influences play their game causing havoc on your planet, so there are light forces at work bringing all into light. This shall all be revealed because of the light. It will cause much more division as people still want to believe what they choose. Much civil unrest shall be because of this.
We call upon light workers of the world to rise and be counted. We need you to be the force that holds all together as we do our part along with the many, many forces of light at work to bring in the higher vibrations that will prevail the earth at this time.
Be of courage, be of love, be of strength. Do not waiver. When your own light is dimmed, call upon another on the same path and both in prayer raise your vibrations and give strength to each other, for there will be dark times, but know they shall not last. It is also that amongst all of this that nature shall also retaliate.
Rise your swords of light and be the warriors you came to be at this time. You my dear ones are the chosen, the strongest of the strongest, the light bearers willing to see this through. All you have to do is work from your hearts, be of truth and seek to aid where you can. Your light shall draw to you what needs to be to assist in the plan.
There is so much to assimilate, please remember the light you are for you are your own army of light (in the world) on earth. Know that we have this, know that you are helping to herald in a new way of being.
It is with much love and gratitude for this expression.

All is well, all is well all is as it should be.