Dear ones, the time is nigh. We see the turmoil, the uprise, the desperation, the attack from the dark desperate to hold on. This is all about to change as the truth is revealed. Light is attacking the dark with greater force as powers of light from all over the Cosmos unite to fulfill the great plan for humanity and mother earth. Humanity needs to rise and take its rightful place as other higher life forms of love, of light, to walk the earth with greater awareness of who they truly are. To once again walk with dignity for self and others. To love, to care, to uplift brothers and sisters that walk the same plane.

Life should not to be one of pain, suffering and confusion, but rather of love, of giving, of sharing that all of humanity shall benefit. The vibrations shall rise to uplift the consciousness of man as the darkness falls away. Love is the way, love is the light, love is the step that humanity shall follow to bring the experience of life on this planet, the jewel in the cosmos, to bring the soul closer to the Godhead.

It will be that one day their will come a time when all that is transpiring will be seen as a gift to awaken to the truth, to love, to the way of living in the light, serving to bring peace, joy and end to suffering. To find solutions to all that troubles humanity without the control, the manipulation that is. All will be a more holistic way for humanity and mother earth.

You are not alone; brothers and sisters of the Universe will assist with ways unimaginable to you now. They shall walk among you and souls shall be born with knowledge of ways to be that will assist in making earth the jewel that it will be.

Remember the light that you are and it will give you the strength to see all this through and remember to come from the heart, from a place of love and walk your journey knowing that you are all one.

It is with much love and gratitude for this channel of expression.
All is well, all is well, all is as it should be.