October 3rd 2020
The message today is one of hope. That amongst all the turmoil and fear, there lies one of hope. Hope that the future will bring the light that will heal and transform all that plagues the earth at this time. The turmoil being experienced comes from the hearts of humanity as they awaken to the truth of whom they truly are. This awakening stirs the emotions and perceptions as they see all that is of the dark around them.
Many institutions shall be brought to light as humanity rises. These institutions have held humanity in darkness, controlling and manipulating for the power they seek. This shall all fall. Light is entering in all facets of life and this causes disruption and upheaval as the darkness is revealed by the light.
So, you see, amongst all that is happening realize that it is for the highest good, as the forces of light awaken the light within giving it strength to rise.
Yes, there shall still be those who hold strong to the old ways and it is that sometimes the path is walked alone. At some point they shall awaken, but in the meantime do not let them hold you back, for to do so is to also allow the darkness more power. When you feel it in your heart when something stirs inside of you, awakening you, it is time to rise and be a warrior of the light.
Know you have strength as you do this, because as you awaken the light walks with you giving you the tools you need to shine and serve. Be aware of signs that catch your attention, of messages that support your new path for it is a new way of being, of hope that as more and more awaken, humanity will rise and live accordingly with higher principles of a righteous way of being and living in truth for the highest good of all.
It is with gratitude we say,
All is well, all is well, all is as it should be.