Greetings dear ones. Fear is gripping the world and it’s people are being overcome with emotions of depression and anger.
Humanity has had enough if not but for a few that control it. The truth is about to be revealed. Structures of old shall fall as Man fights the injustice that is being presented and life will change because of it.
It is that it has taken so long and many have given of their lives to accumulate to this point. But the Masters of time have spoken and it shall not be more than it needs be, to destruct the old and rise to a glorious new beginning. Much still needs to take place but it has truly begun to break down. People all over the world are rising as they awaken. The dreaded, the unthinkable is about to be heard as evil is brought into the light to be cleared. Don’t despair, do not hide, do not turn the other cheek so to speak because of what will be bought forward. To do so is to lie to the self for it cannot be denied. Stand a warrior of the light and be courageous.
As you hear and see of these structures of manipulation, of darkness of the most profound insidious nature being exposed, listen. Do not doubt because it is easier, but rather seek your own truth by facing what is being exposed with an open heart and mind. To not do so is to be fooled by the darkness and continue to be in your own darkness.
We understand what it takes to do this and we say now more than ever you need to step up and rise to seek the truth.
Go into your heart with what is being presented and look at the state of humanity. Can you honestly believe that it’s in a place of love? If not then question all for the truth awaits. To do this, to take responsibility for self, to seek this truth, rises not only your vibration, but also that of all around you for truth comes from a place of love for self and for others.
So, prepare as this unfolds. Yes more, much more turmoil awaits the World as you know it. But it is a good thing as light prevails and sets Humanity on a new beginning.
The true mother aspect shall rise to meet the pain inflicted upon its children like never before. Defending them with love and keeping them safely in her arms. To have them grow in a new dawn of hope ,justice and love for self and others and respect for Mother Earth.
This glorious new beginning awaits, it is only a matter of time as you know it. So rise, be strong, be of courage, be of light, for you are not on your own, as armies of light beings assist Humanity on this evolution of consciousness.
It is with much love and gratitude for this opportunity of expression, we say,
All is well, all is well, all is as it should be.