Greetings dear ones. It is that everything as you know is about to tumble even more. The world has had enough. The corruption, the evil, the dissonance has to be brought down to its knees. Humanity is ready to take up its rightful place in the universe, but not before this last battle. The dark who control the lives, the economies, the corruption all need to be brought into light and their ways revealed.
The majority of citizens of the world believe that what is presented, what they are told, is for their benefit. Unbeknown that all along they are being controlled. To those we say, all you can do is pray, send light for the world and into the hearts of your leaders, that they may awaken.
To those that take to the streets, that speak up, that are awakening and see all the corruption in the world we say thank you for the light you carry, may it sprout forth into fires of light and may it give you all the strength to see this mission through. United you’ll be a force of your own.
To the warriors of light, we need you to stand more than ever and shine your Light. Like beacons you will shine drawing nearer those on the same path and thus growing in numbers and strength.
This is what the World needs. For the light to grow to such an extent that it will change the course of its inhabitants forever and help Mother Earth to rise also taking its rightful position in the cosmos, a Jewel in the Crown of the Universe
In the days, weeks, months to come, humanity is asked to stand and be counted as warriors of the Light. We speak to those who have awaken, to those awakening and to those that the seed is planted.
Do not waiver in your own deception, nor dwell in what is fed to you. As a citizen of this world you need to rise in consciousness and always seek the truth. Do not allow the dark to leash its force onto you. Seek the truth for it is light.
Through prayer, through sending light on your path, your loved ones, through acts of kindness, through the giving of love and working from your hearts, through seeking truth and justice, through being accountable for your own actions, through intent with love and light at its core, these are all ways that the citizens of the world can apply to help bring down the darkness.
Now more than ever humanity needs to rise and take responsibility for their actions and intentions and come forward to heal the ways of old. So, rise, rise and be counted for the greatest battle on your planet of light and dark.
The Cosmos is watching and beings of light steering and showing in the way. May structures of old tumble and the light giveaway and refresh the world into being the jewel it is meant to be and will be for Humanity.
It is with gratitude we say,
All is well, all is well, all is as it should be.