We greet you with love.
Yes, the world is changing, and it will be sometime before you will see the changes that we have envisaged for your world, for mother earth and its sentient beings.
You are in the throes as everything as you know is breaking down. There is much to take place, just know it needs to occur for the new world, new earth to be.
As we have said before it starts with the self, wakening to the truth of its consciousness and what has and is occurring. The self needs to awaken to see that its more than just flesh and awaken to know that it’s spirit first and that it needs to take responsibility for all its interactions with life.
That is taking responsibility for actions and thoughts that create not only one’s space but also lend to creating what occurs in the world and on your planet.
This is the catalyst for change in the world as you know it. Learn to walk with dignity and truth. Strive to be the best you can. Do not ponder or concern yourself with others paths. Strive to make your own of love for self and for others. Stand up for what you believe in and let your sword be one of love as you raise it to cut down all that does not serve humanity in truth. Speak softly from the heart for what you believe is right for not only self but for all concerned. Be ready to play your part to stand in justice for all.
The new world order will not accept the governments, the institutions, the evil that have governed the earth for eons in darkness. It is that light has risen enough in the hearts of humanity to know that change needs to take place if humanity is to rise in consciousness.
It is also that much help is being given by brothers and sisters of the universe to assist in this crucial time to release all that does not serve the new awaken souls and the new earth to be.
Do not fear as you see much disarray as the old breaks down not only the beliefs within self, but also all that those beliefs that have created all that is and has been.
Humanity is standing on a precipice. One that will herald a more loving and prosperous way of being. This will take some time and we foresee two decades as you know time before the fruits of your efforts and break down of all the old comes to be.
We say to you begin to live your life as you would have life be, living in this truth. Remember we are all one. This does not mean you need to be responsible for others, but you are responsible to lead a life that will be conducive to the new earth and way of being for the highest good of all. This is what is asked of you.
So we say again, do not fear, but rather rejoice in what is taking place and will be.
It is with gratitude for this opportunity,
All is well, all is well, all is as it should be.