The message is one of love and light. The earth is on a journey itself just as the individual is. The times are difficult but transforming. It is an opportunity not only for the children of God/Universe to heal and grow and raise their consciousness but also for Mother Earth as she shakes the shackles of pain from within its core.
Earth is on its own journey, to heal the many scars man has inflicted, to raise its energies, to give the children of God a home that will coincide with the new energies that they shall come to have.
Man/woman need to cleanse their ways, to love thy neighbour, to share their bounty and the fruits of the earth. To leave greed behind for it does not serve humanity or Mother Earth. Man needs to not exploit the resources Mother Earth so generously and without conditions gives. It is up to man to respect the fact that as with all so much can be given before there is no more to give. Mother Earth is the same.
The soils of the Earth shall be tilted and new life shall come to the surface, the same shall be for the seas as they wash away eons of abuse. The winds shall howl and, in that howl, it will strip away the ceaseless cries of pain that beckon at this time. Rains shall wash away any remnants of despair.
And so it is that the turmoil experienced both by Humanity and the Earth, as the Awakening is experienced.
Humanity shall walk the earth again with respect to self and the ground they tread. The animal world will also be respected for the part they play and the joy they give. There will be no killing without purpose and even this there shall come a time that it will cease.
Life will unfold the opportunity for growth in many ways. The soul shall sing as the spirit rises and man/woman shall become and walk knowing that they are Spirit first and all children of the one Creator.
Religion shall not matter for the thread of truth that seeps in all shall bring the tapestry together. It is the light that matters, the light that man/woman shall carry in their hearts and in their step making for heaven on Earth.
This shall not happen instantly; it will take much work and time as you know it. But yes, man is about to get a rude Awakening so to speak but it is for the betterment of man and earth.
Pray. Pray for self, for loved ones, for humanity, for Mother Earth as it gives birth to its new beginning.
Give of your love, your time to raise the energies by shining your light wherever you are and wherever you go.
We thank you for this opportunity of expression.
All is well, all is well, as it should be.