Release all fear and trust that what is revealed is for the betterment of Humanity/Mankind. We do not bring this truth to cause fear, but rather to warn, to prepare for cataclysmic events that are yet to occur.
We have said that the World as you know will change forever and while it has begun there is much yet to occur. Let us say and be known that this is not all in vain. What Humanity is going through is a change of the guards. When the take over is complete it will herald in a new age/time as you know it of great transformation of peace and love among the many, for there will still be pockets of resistance to maintain the old, but will not last long in the new era. The old shall die to reveal truth, justice, peace and walk with dignity and respect for self and the earth you tread.
But until this time much needs to take place to cleanse and bring to justice as old institutions and ways are brought to the light for cleansing. This will bring much confusion and sorrow as everything that is known collapses around Humanity.
Time to rise and leave the darkness and its ways behind. Open your minds, open your hearts and take responsibility for self and the new earth to be.
If Mankind heeds this warning it shall rise to a glorious new beginning and way of being. It is that it shall be, whether or not Humanity heeds this. What will take place will be determined by the hearts of the earth for the fear is great and the more destruction and collapsing of the old way all over the world, will only serve to create more fear.
This is where we say, stand courageously and know that it is for the good of all. Take responsibility for self and your actions and thoughts. Let them be loving, forgiving and unpretentious. Take thy masks off and be the true, authentic self and have the courage to heal thy self of all inflictions set on by masks.
Be true to thy self and stand naked in that truth as you begin to heal not only the dark of this life journey but across time and space and that of many lifetimes.
Man shall rise to be of light and shall work in unison with many life forms for the good of all concerned. Its brothers and sisters of the Cosmos. Until this is to be, it is that the lessons, the upheaval will be greater if the signs are not adhered to. We foresee great difficulties and turmoil to be experienced for it is difficult for many to release old ways of being. There will be much help from the Cosmos with beings of light from many quarters, many councils assisting planet earth and its inhabitants. Some will also be revealing their light so to speak. It is that one must remember that this truly is a war between light and dark, both within and a reflection with-out. This also reaches the Cosmos and its inhabitants as the earth moves in unison with all that is.
So you see, it is that brothers and sisters of the Universe come together to help in order that Mother Earth and its inhabitants raise their vibration to bring more light and love as the Godhead’s plan takes place.
It is that Light shall reign, Light shall bring the peace and prosperity for this planet as ordained. Its occupants now and future as you know it shall walk it with joy.
It is with gratitude we say,
All is well, all is well, all is as it should be.